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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Social Poets: Jon Stewart Mocks Herman Cain Sexual Prowess

Jon Stewart
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The Social Poets: Jon Stewart Mocks Herman Cain Sexual Prowess: From Denny: Leave it to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show comedy crew to lampoon yet another political sexual whodunit. In fact, Jon Stewart is praying Herman Cain does not quit the race. He is the satire gift that keeps on giving in the season of Too Much Jolly.

Jon questions Herman Cain's excessive denials of knowing but not knowing - in the biblical sense - the parade of women across the 2012 GOP election stage.

He also challenges Cain's concept of sex. Like how can you conduct a 13-year-old affair without having any sex? Who ever heard of a 13-year-long platonic affair? Better yet, who ever heard of paying off women with whom you never had sex? Does that make any sense?

Jon postulates that Cain must be the worst guy in bed, the worst liar or the worst at getting lucky. Anyway you look at it he sure isn't presidential material for this country. We like our leaders to be virile and capable of sealing the deal. After all, what kind of lousy negotiator would Herman Cain be with another world leader if he can't even get sex in a 13-year-old affair?
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