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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

15 Funny Tasty July Fourth Posts

Cover of "Happy Birthday, America"
Cover of Happy Birthday, America
From Denny:  Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday time off.  It certainly is hotter than ever this summer.  And we have global warming to enjoy for years to come.  So laugh a lot while you are figuring out how to adapt to this new extreme weather sport:  scorching summers.

Meanwhile, I have some great photography to give you a smile and some amusing poems to read while you try some new recipes.  Be sure to check out the July Fourth quotes both funny and serious that will certainly make you think.  Happy July Fourth!

63 Quotes About Freedom and Liberty: Happy Birthday, America!

Fourth of July Quotes: Serious and Funny

Meanwhile, as Americans go on holiday:

Jeff Stahler

Dennys Photo Gallery: Fourth of July Spectacular Fireworks

Dennys Photo Gallery: Fourth of July Watermelon

Dennys Photo Gallery: Summer Heat Wave - many more photos than the few in the above poem

How Do We Live Freedom and Liberty?

Fourth of July When Life is Simple poem 

Sweltering Summer Heat poem - tell us: just how hot is it? funny

Gary Varvel

Louisiana Summer Sigh - when the seasons change in our lives

Cake Tuesday: Red, White and Blueberry Shortcakes

Cake Tuesday: Red, White and Blue Independence Day Cake

Cake Tuesday: Lemon Cheese-Filled Cake  

5 Cooling Watermelon Drinks 4 Summer

And off the coast of my Louisiana where the Fourth of July is celebrated on the tar ball beaches:

Mike Luckovich

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