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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 30 Jan 2011

Posts on astronomy, news, politics, poetry, lots of crazy humor, health and food.

From Denny: The past month I've been busy rounding up what the readers enjoyed throughout the year on all the blogs. It's amazing what people find intriguing - like the crazy humor post about the sloths over at Dennys Funny Quotes. The sloth post has gone past 30,000 views. People just love the cute little guys in the video. It's for a good cause too - a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Popular Posts 2010 at Dennys Global Politics

Check out some stellar political cartoons chronicling social issues and politics throughout the year, news analysis and opinion.

From Denny:  What a list of news that happened this year! Whew! Sometimes the news and politics were as toxic as the weather - and we all felt like we needed government issue gas masks. Take a look at some of the highlights:

Haiti earthquake
Volcanic eruptions in Iceland and Indonesia
BP Oil Spill Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (my backyard in Louisiana)
Floods around the world
North Korea threatening to launch nukes
Finally getting the beginnings of a national health bill reform in America - which needs a lot of tinkering to perfect
Another woman appointed to the Supreme Court - not before the GOP humiliated her publicly and drug her through the mud for not being Christian enough - she's Jewish.
WikiLeaks documents released about the Afghan War
Unemployment high around the world like in America and the world economy floundering
Obama's popularity up and down, according to which fool he is listening to as the It Advisor Of The Moment.
The Republicans marching goose step as The Party of No Conscience, No Sense and Don't Care About the Middle Class

Popular Posts 2009 at Dennys Global Politics

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Gordon Brown Book: 9 Big Banks Manipulating World Economy - Check out the crooked world of global banking.

Rob Rogers

WikiLeaks, Obama Tax Cuts, Political Humor - 12 Dec 2010 - More Santa and WikiLeaks cartoons for fun.

Sellout Obama and Bush Tax Cuts Firestorm Angers America

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Funny Video: SNL Skit Lampoons Speakers Pelosi and Boehner

Get a grin at the comedy routine of competing House Speakers from both sides of the political aisle. The tough guy GOP Speaker is reduced to tears - by a savvy woman.

From Denny:  Talk about entertaining. In this SNL comedy skit the fake Speaker Pelosi gets back at Speaker Boehner for reducing her gavel down to a teeny weeny pink gavel while he sports a huge honking outsized sledgehammer gavel. She keeps mentioning various situations she knows will make Boehner start his weeping jags for which he is so famously known.

The complete  post, full of funny trivia about the American political gavels in the Senate and the House chambers, is parked over at The Social Poets:

Funny News: Check Out That Huge Honking Political Gavel

SNL Skit: Nancy Pelosi Demonstrates What Makes John Boehner Cry

Comic Kristen Wiig played Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Bill Hader played Speaker Jon Boehner, pretending to be guests on Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. The skit goes that Nancy presents John with the Speaker's gavel, you know the outgoing Speaker gives over the political symbol of the gavel to the incoming Speaker.

Of course, the fake Boehner decides he will reciprocate a gavel to now Minority Speaker Pelosi, so he gifts her with a teeny, tiny girly pink gavel. Of course, not to be outdone on that one, Nancy makes a decision of her own: She gives John Boehner something to really cry about since weeping is for what he is so famously known. They don't call her Competition Nancy for no reason. Tiny gavel but Big Mind. I want her on my team!

The complete  post, full of funny trivia about the American political gavels in the Senate and the House chambers, is parked over at The Social Poets:

Funny News: Check Out That Huge Honking Political Gavel

Photo of Speakers Pelosi and Boehner by Charles Dharapak from AP images

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Popular Posts 2010 at Dennys Funny Quotes

The Most Outrageous take home all the toys:  Congrats to Lady Gaga

From Denny: Thanks for all your support this year; your response has been awesome! Total fun ever since I began this crazy blog back in the summer last year. Glad to know there are so many funny peeps out there in virtual land who enjoy a good grin...

Most Popular Posts Ever:

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Popular Posts 2010 at Dennys Funny Quotes and Thank You!

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Funny Crazy Cat Quotes

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Funny Video: WikiLeaks Reveals Santa Naughty List

Funny Christmas Cartoons - Check out the irreverent cartoonist offerings for the holiday season.

Original Christmas Poem Story: The Night Before Christmas - the original and, of course since I'm from Louisiana, the funny Cajun version - and funny Santa cartoons.

Shoveling snow? Protect your back and your heart

72 Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 20 Dec 2010

42 Monday Morning Funny Coffee Quotes, Coffee Cartoon 

26 Funny Political Cartoons - 6 Feb 2010

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Most Popular Posts 2010 at The Soul Calendar

Check out the popular science stories this year that fascinated us like the volcanic explosions and earthquakes.

From Denny:  Thanks for all your support this year! What a year of massive planet wide geologic changes: polar glacial ice caps melting rapidly, high scale earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and around the world, volcanoes spewing lava high into the air in Iceland and Indonesia - stopping air travel. It's been a humbling year for the human race on planet Earth. Floods, blizzards, mudslides, oceans rising, the Earth is changing and we are here to witness it.

Just this December we got to see the first lunar eclipse on a Winter Solstice, the first in almost 500 years.  The next one is scheduled for 2094.  Here in my region of the world we experienced the British Petroleum Oil Spill Disaster.  As usual Big Business and the governments like America and Britain have shafted the locals who have gone bankrupt, personal and business.  The millions of barrels of oil still lurks on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and continues to wash ashore.  There are now light orange alligators found off the coast of Florida.

Here in Louisiana BP's oil spill devastated our fishing industry, killing the oyster beds and safe fishing grounds for everything from shrimp and spillway crawfish to salt water fish.  The fishing industry has declined by 70 percent with no help from BP or our federal government.  Big Business is just plain greedy and refuses to take care of the planet and future generations.

Out of this oil spill disaster has come some interesting ideas of how to clean up future oil spills.  More ideas abound for new types of alternative fuels using the ocean to help produce it.  Humanity can be innovative and creative if we just curb our greed to use our resources faster than we can replace them.

Take a look around.  There are plenty of humor posts too and lots of technology cartoons for a grin.

The Soul Calendar - Wondering about our universe and the universe inside us.

Check out these posts too: Most Popular Posts 2009 at The Soul Calendar

Here's the most popular posts for 2010:

Rare 500 Year Lunar Eclipse Gets Viewed By 1.5 Billion

Popular Funny X-ray Pin-Ups Calendar: Stripped to the Bone

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