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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

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Beautiful Illustrated Quotations - Quotes with thought-provoking comments, contemplating the spiritual. Inspiration for lovers of words and deep thoughts.

How Does Solitude Clear Our Perception?

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4 Special Quotes to Anchor Your Dreams

So How Do You Measure Your Spiritual Progress?

A Poem Of Remembrance

Healing Spiritual Poem: Waking The Day

Restful: 16 Beautiful Creative Angel Photos

Meditative Moon Photos

Best Spiritual Posts:

Music: Light of the Stable by Tara MacLean

Music: Amazing Grace By Hayley Westenra

Music: What Child Is This? By John Michael Talbot

Music: The First Noel By Jackie Evancho

Music: Oh, Rejoice By Hillsong

Music: Perfect Love Marys Song

Mothers Day Quotes: Rose Kennedy

Grandma Wisdom Rules: Old Female Elephant Protects Herd

Super Moon: Symbolic Spiritual Meaning 

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2012: What Will Happen to Earth and Us?

Friendship Quote: When Friends First Meet and Connect

63 Quotes About Freedom and Liberty: Happy Birthday, America!

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How Is Your Aim In Life?

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How Does Tenacity Figure in Your Life?

How Are Hopes, Dreams and Reality Related?

Hope: Unborn Baby Grabs onto Doctors Hand in Surgery

Meditative Moon Photos 

Ancient Healing Oil: Sandalwood 

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Best New Years Cartoons 2010

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So How Do You Measure Your Spiritual Progress? 

What Spiritual Tests Develop Good Character And Our Talents? 

Music Video: Mary, Did You Know? By Clay Aiken

Music Video: Wheres The Line To See Jesus? by Becky Kelley

4 Special Quotes to Anchor Your Dreams 

Kabbalah Quotes: How to Know You Are On The Right Path For You 

How Does Change Crash Into Our Lives to Build Anew? 

Restful: 16 Beautiful Creative Angel Photos

11 Great Quotes and Sayings Photos 

26 Funny Political Cartoons - 6 Feb 2010 

Meditative Moon Photos 

A Healing Spiritual Poem: Waking The Day

A Poem Of Remembrance

Poems From A Spiritual Heart - Exploring our spiritual path through poetry...

Poems From A Spiritual Heart:

Fourth of July When Life is Simple - Grand Dad's life philosophy

Sweltering Summer Heat - just how hot is it?

Blue Heron Balancing the Wind - a metaphor for Life

The Interesting Man - funny romantic

Poem From God - Even God has a sense of humor about how to handle repeated rejection.

Peace Upon The Land - Memorial Day

The Long Road, An Easter Poem 

Love Gift - when I realized the incredible power of a small act of kindness

The Owl Speaks - Do you ever stop and concentrate upon the messages speaking all around you? 

20 Christmas Poems From Favorite Classic Poets

A Protesters Poemfor love of country This poem recognizes all those who display the courage to raise their voices against tyranny and greed

Levels- A poem inspired from the devastating earthquake in Japan. It speaks to how all of us can experience earth-shattering moments, internally or externally, and learn to begin again.

Angel Diaries: Samuel - How do you recognize when an angel has truly come into your life? Do you remember your angel sightings or did the moment pass you by?

Stephen Colbert Interviews Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg About Poetry

Louisiana Summer Sigh - When the seasons change in our life.

Vision of The Gardener Prophet - 2012 begins early. Check out a poem of prophecy warning humanity.

The Heart Remembers - Honoring the life of others as well as our own.

Pollen Storms - yes, it's allergy season with a dose of humor and some great photography.

A Man In Love - A true story of just how far a man will go to survive when he is in love during war time - a poem story about the struggle for love reunited.

Legacy of Love - Never feel what you know is not important enough to share: mentor!

Water Of Life

New Years: Funny Quotes, Resolutions Tips, Poems

Best New Years Cartoons 2010

28 Awesome Desktop Calendar Wallpapers

Bitter Romance in the Garden 

Opposites In Love: Night And Day

Rock, My Children

Gifts From The Heart, A Christmas Poem

New Years: Funny Quotes, Resolutions Tips, Poems

Louisiana Summer Sigh

New Years Reflection: Wine Glass Abyss

Angels Left Behind: Orphans of the World

Life Of Words

72 Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 20 Dec 2010

Video: Happy New Year 2011 Animated Dancing Penguins

Eyeing Think Time

17 Christmas Music and Fun Videos

Best Spiritual Posts

Christian Music: Fathers Day Song - My Dad by Abel Ullon

Music: In The Air Tonight By Gregorian

Poem: Soul Journey

A Healing Spiritual Poem: Waking The Day

3 Wonderful Hug Quotes!

How Do You React to the Winds of Change in Your Life?

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