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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Arts & Poetry & Photography

Visual Insights -  Insight: Perceptive ability to see clearly into a subject, appreciating its beauty -  photography, art, music.

Visual Insights:

23 Funny Total Debauchery Mardi Gras Photos - still popular 2 years later, check out why :)

Dennys Photo Gallery: How We See Ourselves: 26 Self-Portraits

Dennys Photo Gallery: Fathers Day

Dennys Photo Gallery: Swinging Good Fun!

Funny Coffee Art and Tutorials: Barista With Cat Humor

Dennys Photo Gallery: Beautiful Australia

Whimsical Funny Hats At Ascot Ladies Day

Art: Urban Museum Or Trash?

57 Best Of Clever Romantic Valentines Day Photos 

Dennys Photo Gallery: 20 Cute Child Portraits

Photo of the Day: Awesome Water and Sky 

Photo of the Day: Awesome Waterfall 

Awesome Room Rentals From Queen Elizabeth II For Olympics 

Photo of the Day: Awesome Abstract Eiffel Tower 

Photo of the Day: Still Time 

Awesome World One:

Photo of the Day: Awesome Autumn Meadow 

Photo of the Day: Fast Coffee Splash

Photo of the Day: Awesome Sunrise in Scotland

Photo of the Day: The True Heart of Coffee

Photo of the Day: How Much Do You Love Your Coffee?

Photo of the Day: Morning Coffee in White

Dennys Photo Gallery: 2011 Super Moon World Photos

Dennys Photo Gallery: Invisible Women Around The World

Art Photo of The Day: Elegant Elephants At Sunset

Art Photo of The Day: Mont Saint Michel

Music Video: Bruno Mars - Grenade

Music Video: Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

Amazing Portrait Art Photo of The Day: Marilyn Monroe

Video: Largest House In The World, Car Made of Sterling Silver

Best Super Bowl Ads: GM Chevy Miss Evelyn 

Music: Hip Dueling Croatian Cellists Wail On Smooth Criminal By Michael Jackson - The perfect music of dancing toe-tapping joy to inspire you.

One of my fat pastels rough sketches... oh, to doodle all day... dreaming of chocolate cake!

Dennys Art Sanctuary - Hunting all the Beauty in the world and having fun doing it: arts, fine art, music, photography.

38 Creative March Desktop Wallpapers

Funny Art: Reading The Directions

Funny Art: Dressing Up The Donkeys

Amusing Art Photo of The Day: Word Playing

Amazing Portrait Art Photo of The Day: Lady Gaga

Amusing Art Photo of The Day: 9 March 2011

Amusing Art Photo of The Day: 8 March 2011

Amusing Art Photo of The Day: 7 Mar 2011

Art Video: Happy New Year From Cartoonist - Enjoy an artist drawing a New Year doodle, a singing animation New Year wish and the 2011 New York Times Square New Year video.

5 Jerkin Dance Tutorial Videos

Best Super Bowl Ads: Motorola Xoom Empower the People

Best Super Bowl Ads: Eminem For Detroit And Chrysler

35 Stunning Wallpapers For February  - Choose your favorite of the month to enjoy!

Poems From A Spiritual Heart  - Exploring our spiritual path through poetry and photography.

A Protesters Poem - dedicated to the Occupy and Egyptian protesters

Bitter Romance In The Garden - funny

Louisiana Summer Sigh - funny

The Interesting Man - funny

Pollen Storms - funny, welcome pollen season with a sense of humor

Waking The Day

A Thought


Soul Journey - a favorite

The People Seasons

Angels Left Behind: Orphans of the World

People Words

A Man In Love

20 Christmas Poems From Favorite Classic Poets

Gifts From The Heart, A Christmas Poem

Blue Heron Balancing the Wind - The agony and victory of creating our balance in Life.

Silent Voice Singing - Our writing voice is heard in the silence.

Water of Life - Have you ever wondered the messages Nature speaks to us every day, happening every minute all around us? Great Nature photos.

New Years Reflection: Wine Glass Abyss - In spite of all the negatives going on around us in our daily life these things shall soon pass. Keep your balance and strive to better the world.

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