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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

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The Social Poets - Dishing out spicy liberal social commentary and critical thinking news analysis on America, world politics, the news, fun political humor, cartoons - and a little poetry.

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Poll: Prez Obama, Congress Strongly Blamed For Bad Economy

Funny FAIL: Idiot Conservative Blogger Tries To Nail Sen. Sherrod Brown, Backfires

WTF? DOJ Attorney Threatens Reporter At Public Hearing?

Im Just Saying: Funny Way To Stop Scam Pest Callers

Will The Democrats Go Bust And Cancel Their Convention?

Sleazy Obama Campaign Reaches New Low Trolling For Donors 

Funny Daily Show Comics Explain The Big Banks of F. U.

Funny Fathers Day: Cheeky Quote Day

Fathers Day Posts: Quotes, Photos, Humor, Music. Poetry

GOP Plans To Axe Food Stamps For Over 150 Million Americans 

John Edwards: DOJ Admits His Innocence, Drops Charges 

Poll: Obama Steadily Losing Disenfranchised White Voters 

Im Just Saying: How To Protect Your Vote 

Im Just Saying: Funny Way 4 U.S. Govt 2 Handle Mexican Drug Smugglers 

John Edwards Trial: Free At Last! Edwards Wins New Life 

John Edwards Trial: Dirty Judge Seeks Mistrial? 

John Edwards Trial: Bizarre Alternate Jury Antics 

John Edwards Trial: Kangaroo Court Seeks To Direct Jury Conviction 

John Edwards Trial: Smart Brave Move Today by Defense 

John Edwards Trial: Prosecution Fail, Dirty Judge, Truth Denied 

Funny Jon Stewart: Obama Fail On Chinese Dissident 

Funny Osama Bin Laden Posts, 1 Year Anniversary Dead

Obamas Whitewater: Political Vendetta, Persecuting John Edwards 

Good News: New Jobs Now Tout TVs Made In America 

Women: Pentagon Rapists Decide If Rapes Prosecuted 

Good News: Rush Limbaugh Kicked Off Philadelphia Station

Funny Photo For Tax Day: Tax The Big Dogs! Funny Tax Quotes, Jokes

Secret Service Scandal: How Deep Rooted Is The Lax Security Culture?

From Obama, Tax Returns: Check Out How Your Personal Tax Dollars Spent On National Budget

Jon Stewart Mocks Outrageous Arizona School Board Fearing Mexican-American Studies

Jon Stewart Interviews Losing Lawyer On Supreme Court Strip Search Case 

Obama and Supreme Court Order Strip Searches For Minor Offences Too, Impeach Them All 

Rush Limbaugh: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire About Advertisers Status 

Rush Limbaugh Bleeding 3 More Advertisers Over Fluke Slut Slurs

Jon Stewart Mocks The Trayvon Martin Hoodie Threat 

Rush Limbaugh: 3 Funny Colbert, Stewart Videos, Late Nite Jokes 

WTF? New York Times 1 Of 10 Still Advertising On Rush Limbaugh This Week? 

Caustic Christians Promoting Hate Endorsed By GOP Candidates 

Can The President Control Gas Prices? Yes, If He Learns How 

Breaking: ALL Rush Ads Suspended. 140 Advertisers Abandon Limbaugh, Conservative Hosts Too 

International Womens Day: Whats Happening Around The World 

Rush Limbaugh: Who Are Still Running Ads? 49 Companies Left 

10 Advertisers Flee Pervert Rush Limbaugh After Weekend Excuses Speech Masquerades As Apology

Obama Speaks To Hate Merchants, Rush Limbaugh Insults To Women 

GOP Slut and Pervert Rush Limbaugh Labels ALL Women Sluts

Funny Late Nite Jokes About GOP Rick Santorum 

Funny Friday: Jon Stewart Mocks GOP Fear of 2nd Obama Term

President's Day Flash Mob: Seniors Take To The Streets, Sing Patriotic Songs 

Read About Homeless California Reporter on, Living Out Of Her Car

2012 GOP Taliban: Politically Clueless Gaffes

Obama: You Got Your Minions, I Got Mine: Truth Team

Im Just Saying: Funny Political Thought About Romney

Groundhog Day Louisiana Style: New Orleans T-Boy, Baton Rouge Boudreaux

Groundhog Day: How Many Talented Psychic Rodents In America?

Prayer Curse: Republicans Call For Obama Death
Funny Jon Stewart Mocks 2012 State of the Union Address

More Empty Promises: Obama 2012 State of the Union Address

Prez Gingrich? Why Not And 2nd Wife Tells All 2

World Debt Issues: We Are All In It Together

First Lady Betty Ford: Remembered Dancing On White House Table

Check Out Keith Olbermann on Current TV: Gaffe Fests From Santorum and Romney

American Flags On The Moon: What Happened To Them Since 1969?

Arrest GOP Rep, Cantor For Manipulating Treasury Bond Market During Debt Talks?

Funny Jon Stewart Mocks Twisted Misinformation From Fox News

Roundup of Late Nite Jokes: 2012 Election Politics

Funny Jon Stewart Mocks Wall Street For Causing Greek Crisis

Billionaire Koch Brothers Send Attack Lobbyists to Stop Energy Legislation

Poll: Huge Percentage Americans Unhappy With Economy

Schwarzenegger sex scandal, Cartoons

Funny Colbert Interviews Janny Scott About Obamas Mother

Prosecutorial Misconduct Against Senator Edwards? His Funny Mugshots

Funny Jon Stewart Mocking GOP Debate: Indecision 2012

Fathers Day Posts: Quotes, Photos, Humor, Music. Poetry

Funny Jon Stewart On Weiner Sex Scandal: The Wangover Part 2

Gabrielle Giffords: New Photos Since Shooting, Looks Great!

Stealing Your Blog Content: Duplicate Content Farm

Comics Lampoon Hapless Anthony Weiner, Weird Headlines, Photos

Aww, Gingrich Campaign Fizzles: Top Aides Quit En Masse

Funny Colbert: Anthony Weiners Emergency Press Conference

Funny Stephen Colbert Mocks The Debt Ceiling Angst

State of the Economy, Oprah, College Grads, 2012 Election, Cartoons

Cartoons, Jon Stewart Video: Funny Newt Gingrich 2012 Corner

Funny Late Nite Jokes, Video, Cartoons: Bin Laden Porn Stash, Navy Seal Raid

Obama, Team Obama Unfairly Piling On: Prosecutes Populist John Edwards

Cartoons: Obamas Israel Peace Speech, Register Your Solution to Middle East Peace

Funny Jon Stewart Disses Pakistan On Hiding Secret Helicopter Tail

To Obama and Leakers: Shut The F Up About Seal Team 6, Secret Ops

Funny 2012 Election Politics, Obama, Bin Laden Cartoons

Mississippi River Rising: Flood of the Century

How Do Mothers Fare Around The World?

Funny Video: Colbert Reveals Style Tips From Bin Laden As Glam On The Lam

Funny Friday Lite: Osama Bin Laden Late Nite Jokes

Mission Accomplished: Dead Terrorist Osama Bin Laden Political Cartoons

Funny Obama at White House Correspondents Dinner

Dead: Osama Bin Laden, Time To Stop Iraq-Afghan Wars

Jon Stewart Laughs Off Idiot Early Presidential Polls 

Iran: Gotcha Government Systems With The Stars Virus

Jon Stewart Interviews Egypt Revolution Activist Gigi Ibrahim

Funny Easter Photo: Check Out Latest Security Guard: Attack Bunny

Funny Friday Lite: Colbert Addresses The Politically Tone Deaf

New Terrorism Alert System: Gone Is Bush Era Funny

Newt Gingrich Cartoons: Newtie 4 President - NOT!

Poll: Obama Will Not Win 2012 Reelection - The mood of the American people does not bode well for President Obama if he wants to seek a second term.

Cartoons: My Demo-Yard-Cats and GOP Temper Tantrums - What is it about my Democrats? Like the typical yard cat they don't seem to know their name or come when they are called.

Cartoons: Some Hummers to Scratch Your Head Why - OK, these are those wonderfully obscure type of cartoons that some people don't always "get" as to why they are funny but they sure made me grin.

Cartoons: Just Good Old-Fashioned Political Comedy - Sometimes, Life is just too amusing and these cartoonists certainly have capitalized on the opportunists capitalizing on us

31 More Egypt Revolution Cartoons - Cartoonists churn out new opinions at as fast a rate as the situation changes in Egypt during the protests.

Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Early Spring for 2011 - Check out this year's funny prediction from the famous American groundhog and plenty of groundhog day trivia and more.

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 30 Jan 2011

Political Cartoons: Obama 2011 State Of The Union

Taxpayers to Goldman Sachs: Give Us Back Our $3 Billion You Stole

Democrat, Rep. Giffords, Shot In Head At Rally By Crazed Gunman Attack: 6 Dead

Clueless New House GOP Act Like Bozos On First Day

Poll: Most Admired People For 2010

Gordon Brown Book: 9 Big Banks Manipulating World Economy

Crazy American Political Humor - 1 Jan 2011

Funny Video: Happy New Year, Cartoonist Review of 2010

28 Awesome Desktop Calendar Wallpapers

Funny Mardi Gras Quotes, Who Dat Rocking Saints Songs - Cheeky Quote Day 10 Feb 2010 

New Year Celebrations: History And Trivia

Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss Talks About Midterm Shellacking

36 Christmas Posts: Music, Humor, Poems, Stories, Quotes

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Dennys Global Politics

Egypt Uprising: Throes of Revolution, Why? - Learn more about Egypt, their righteous grievances, their push for democracy.

Egypt Revolution Cartoons - Check out the latest political opinions from American cartoonists about the revolution in Egypt. Adding new cartoons as they become available so check back often.

Transcript: Obama 2011 State Of The Union Address

Libya: Why This Revolt Was Ripe To Happen Now 

Libya: Update and 25 Libya Uprising Cartoons

Dennys News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food:

15 Funny Tasty July Fourth Posts

Warriors Pearl Foundation:

Designed New Warriors Pearl Logo, Foundation to Help Homeless Women Vets

New Denny Lyon Design: Show Military How Much You Appreciate Their Service

New Denny Lyon Design: Funny Fathers Day

The Healing Waters  - health news

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Parenting Magazine: How To Unspoil Your Kids

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How To Exercise Effectively On A Hot Day: Drink A Slushie

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Dennys People Watching - people and celebrities in the news


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