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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Obama: Unemployed, Middle Class, Poor: Hey, Stupid, Watch Your Finances, Political Cartoons

From Denny: To add insult to economic injury, completely tone deaf politically, President Obama Declares April Financial Literacy Month.  After just announcing his reelection campaign now he is urging Americans to learn more about their personal finances. You have got to be kidding me. How insensitive and downright stupid is this statement? Where have you been the past three years since the economy shed millions of jobs?

Obama: Do you even read - or better yet re-read - your own speeches over the course of a year? Or do you just parrot the words off the page or teleprompter without giving it much thought later.  Like Bush, you appear to be sleepwalking through this presidency, dancing to the tune of political handlers and Big Business.

Claiming it's Main Street's problem, instead of a failure of Congress and Wall Street, is akin to blaming a victim of rape or murder.  The only reason people end up in financial straits is because of job interruptions or job losses or worse, underemployment.  Those are the real reasons they cannot pay their bills on time or at all.  It does not help that local and state governments are exacting higher taxes as well to cover their budget shortfalls.

The only thing wrong in America is how Big Business has such a stranglehold on our government and the employment sector that the middle class is evaporating.  Those in poverty are sliding deeper into poverty because the middle class no longer is able to help - for they can barely help themselves.

From the White House: "The financial crisis was fueled by a lack of responsibility from Wall Street to Washington. It devastated ordinary Americans, many of whom were caught by hidden fees and penalties or saddled with loans they could not afford. Preventing a recurrence will require both better behavior and oversight on Wall Street and more informed decision making on Main Street and in homes across our country."

This small group of Americans who took out loans they could not afford were but a small part of the economic issue today.  To lay all the blame on them and those who enticed them to take out the loans is garbage.  It's far more extensive than that.  By the millions jobs were sent overseas.  That is the truth of what has sent this country down the rabbit hole for a tanking economy.

Until Wall Street and Congress get serious about enabling the middle class in the way of jobs that can support a family and pay the bills nothing will get better.  Under employing people at 30 percent of what they used to make will continue the downward economic spiral.  Working a job that is half a job is not enough to sustain this economy let alone help it to grow.

Wall Street and Congress, and this president, should spend less time enabling greedy people and the wealthiest to get tax breaks that are breaking the budget - and the backs of the American people...

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