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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jon Stewart Sneers At Debt Ceiling Talks: Nonfiction Captain America

From Denny: Jon Stewart taps into American anger at our politicians for being so stupid about these debt ceiling talks. They all are still politically posturing while the public will be the ones to be the ultimate losers - except come election day when we all get to "throw the bums out."

The Republicans are naked in their exposure for propping up the wealthy at the expense of the middle class, the elderly and the poor. The GOP is held hostage by the Tea Party conservatives who are adamant to implode our economy and the global village along with us.

The Democrats can't seem to rein in their idiot Centrists under Steny Hoyer dumb enough to vote for Republican proposals. President Obama probably wants to quit the job and move off world after dealing with these greedy fools.

"Armadebtdon 2011 - the end of the world as we owe it."

How many times has America raised the debt ceiling under other Presidents?

* 17 times under Reagan
* 7 times under Bush 43
* 5 times under Bush 41
* 4 times under Clinton

And Jon frames the progress of the latest several days of talks: "Both sides switched, everyone caved and no one agreed."

Monday July 25, 2011
Armadebtdon 2011 - Nonfiction Captain America
When it comes to resolving the debt ceiling crisis, Congress is the equivalent of a skunk with its head in a jar of Skippy peanut butter.

The Daily Show - Armadebtdon 2011 - Nonfiction Captain America
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