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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Social Poets: Traitor Romney Plays Political Opportunist During National Crisis

Ambassador Chris Stevens, a great friend to Libyan rebels, 
killed by religious extremists - Ben Curtis/AP photo

The Social Poets: Traitor Romney Plays Political Opportunist During National Crisis: From Denny:  Apparently, Republican challenger Mitt Romney has no integrity.  He is not a real American and nothing but a traitor.

Why should we expect anything better out of this rotten Republican campaign?  He is the typical businessman who engages in war profiteering - campaigning to keep wars going on for years - while our troops give their blood.  This is as wrong as what Romney just did.

Romney jumped out to talk to the press early this morning - hoping to be carried by the popular morning shows in order to reach millions of viewers.  He made sure he appeared before the President had a chance to talk to the nation.  The Republicans are always complaining how no one has respect for the presidency.  Yeah?  When are you guys going to follow your own rhetoric?  Not any time soon is clear for all to see.

Video clips of statements from Ambassador Chris Stevens from back in May when he took the job, President Obama's Rose Garden statement and Romney's press conference statement.

September 11th Yard Sign

11 September 2001: Remember: the Fallen, Pray 4 those struggling to rise, Honor Freedom, Celebrate Life!

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