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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Truth Journal: Obama Political Hacks Screwing Up Over Libya Ambassador Assassination?

English: White House Oval Office during the ad...

A Truth Journal: Obama Political Hacks Screwing Up Over Libya Ambassador Assassination?: From Denny: Oh, what a political mess is this warring rhetoric from the Republican and Democratic camps over the perception of what happened in the killing of our ambassador to Libya. After all, it's an election year, two parties battling for control of the White House.

The Republicans are looking to gain points by bashing President Obama. The President? His side is trying to not look like they fumbled the intelligence football so they listened to their political hacks - when they now wish they had not.  Meanwhile, the FBI is waiting to get into the embassy zone when it's fully secured to complete their investigation.

Ambassador Susan Rice disgraced by White House

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was trotted out to the news outlets as an Obama loyalist to claim the Libyan killing was really the result of a "spontaneous uprising" when clearly the evidence on the ground and in the news said otherwise.

Susan Rice gave her best Colin Powell moment, lying for her president. Obama should be ashamed of himself for even asking her to do this. Obviously, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton had enough sense to say no to this political suicide and strip search of her integrity.

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