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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 12 June 2011

From Denny: Check out what has been happening in the world of news, comedy, food, poetry, photography, art, music and more. In the past month a whirlwind of news occurred. World terrorist Osama bin Laden was hunted down and killed in a resort town in Pakistan where he had been hiding for the past six years. Supposedly, the Pakistanis were unaware of his presence there. Yeah? And I've got some swamp land in Louisiana to sell you too.

President Obama got a nice bump in approval ratings for about a week and then that fizzled as he resumed his usual do-nothing stance on the economy. Obama also continued with poisonous politics aimed at his own Democrats, throwing them all under the bus in favor of Big Business.

And now he is wrongly prosecuting Senator Edwards for an affair the guy had five years ago that really is nothing but political revenge.  Obama believes that Edwards is the only guy in the Democratic Party that could be a 2012 challenger - and with the money to carry it off.

This is nothing but dirty Chicago Code politics that will only backfire on Obama. To date, more and more people have pulled away from Obama:  Latinos, women, and labor.  Gee, who's left but Big Business to support him?  Obama already announced he is demanding $1 billion in campaign contributions for his 2012 coffers.  Sure sounds smelly to me, like corruption.

Just what is he doing with all those campaign contributions?  Obama sure is quick to accuse Edwards about abusing campaign funds when the reality is telegraphing that is exactly his sin.  The way you know this is nothing but a political vendetta against Edwards is because Obama is also bringing charges against a Republican Congressman from Florida.  The Big However is that the charges are only civil instead of criminal like against Edwards.

The so-called "Justice" Department demanded Edwards give up his law license and accept jail time along with a fine.  Hmmm... and now they have indicted Edwards on criminal charges?  This is all so thuggish and wrong.  At the most the Edwards issue should have been handled in civil court.  It simply does not rise to criminal wrong doing by anyone's legal standard.

For years now I've tried to "raise a President" in this guy in the White House.  I've tried to warn him to wean himself off poisonous politics of throwing people under the bus yet he continues.  Team Obama is severely addicted to the drug drip of power that is not rightfully theirs yet they wield it like there is no tomorrow.

This White House is  nothing but bullies throwing their weight around to harm others - especially the people who are good to them. Edwards endorsed them, even gave them his campaign donor list which most politicians do not give so kindly,   Speaker Pelosi promoted Obama to the top of the ticket and he kicked her to the sidelines in favor of Centrist Steny Hoyer.  Hoyer is more of a political weasel than an honest broker like Pelosi.

Now Lady Karma is poised to hammer them all and they will be praying there is no tomorrow.  Sad, isn't it, that people just won't listen to what is smart?  This presidency could have been the crowing jewel to the civil rights movement but, alas, that just isn't going to happen now.  It's too late.

Obama has worn out the good will of the American people and burned all his political capital.  His lame platitudes when people need real help just doesn't cut it.  He makes speeches with big promises and delivers air.  To say I am totally disappointed in my Democrats is an understatement.

Did you know. that according to conservationists, President George W. Bush actually did more for conservation than Obama? That's an abysmal record for a Democrat. Though most Democrats are no longer convinced Obama is actually a Democrat. Forget where he was born. I want to see his voter registration card! :)

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Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 12 June 2011

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