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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Truth Journal: 2012 Election 1st Debate: High School Bully Pummels Nerdy Wimp

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 01:  Republican president...

A Truth Journal: 2012 Election 1st Debate: High School Bully Pummels Nerdy Wimp: From Denny:  President Obama sat on his lead in the polls and lost this first debate.  What a stupid strategy.  He really looked bad.  Obama should have kicked Axelrod and his stupid strategies down the road years ago.

Again - senior adviser and campaign manager David Axelrod did not know how to handle yet another situation for Obama that ended up backfiring on the President.  The country has suffered for four years under the thumb of Axelrod's "last guy in the room" atrocious advice and half-baked policy strategies.

Axelrod blew it again, this time with terrible debate advice and lousy debate preparation.  It's bad enough Axelrod is inexperienced and utterly clueless about smart and effective foreign and domestic policies.  It's also glaringly evident he is not adept at what should by now be his own wheel house:  a national political campaign.

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