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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 6 Dec 2009

From Denny: This week at least I loaded the stories I wanted to post about, then finally got the time this weekend to finish writing and post them!

Dennys Global Politics:

Assassins Security Recipe For Disaster: Obama State Dinner - Then the worst scenario of all: A well-trained or motivated assassin could have cleaned house on the top tier of our government - President, Vice President, Speaker of the House and Chief of Staff. That would have left us with Senator Pro-tem, Senator Byrd from West Virginia to run the country, an aging 90 years plus man in poor health.

Obamas Unwelcome Afghan Strategy, Reactions and a Lame Congress - Republicans complained about Obama not wanting to continue the war indefinitely while Democrats worry about the cost of a protracted war, circulating the lame idea of a war tax to fund the recent surge on an already burdened depressed economy.

Prez Obama Lays Out Bleak New Afghanistan Strategy - "And Karzai is a sorry excuse for what passes for good government. What started out with great promise years ago has become a farce. He now looks like a bejeweled weasel sitting on a pile of gold: American foreign aid money."

UKs Brown Overlooks Slain Soldiers: Again

Obama Family Lights National Christmas Tree of Hope

Obama Doing His Positive Affirmations: Hosts Jobs Summit

Pakistan Unknown Heroes Work to Defend Country Against Taliban

Iran Jails Irani-American Woman Protesting Elections - An Iranian-American female grad student went to Iran to study and document women's issues in Iran. That didn't sit well with the local government soon after she arrived and they threw her into jail.

Funny Miss Speak Known as Malapropisms

Latest Political Foibles - Editorial Cartoons 5 Dec 2009

Photo by Sister72 @ flickr

The Healing Waters

Good News: Soup Kitchen Chef Raises Standard of Giving

Good News: Building Low Cost Homes AND Reducing Trash Footprint

Funny Christmas and Santa Cartoons

Congress Overrides Bad Breast Cancer Guidelines in New Health Bill

Hunger in America Reminder This Holiday Season - America's dirty little secret.

Good News: Salvation Army Donation Bucket Literally Hits Gold This Holiday Season

The Social Poets:

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Editorial Cartoons 5 Dec 2009

The Soul Calendar:

Mount Everest Glaciers Melting Worry Half a Billion People: Fresh Drinking Water

Melting Himalayan Ice Threatens Half a Billion in India, China and Southeast Asia

Check Out Cosmic Generator Producing Energy at Rate of 100K Suns

Slamming Low-Ride Satellite Maps Earths Magnetic Field

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