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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

8 Easter Posts To Enjoy: Food, Funny, Poems, Photos

From Denny:  When you blog for a few years you start amassing some interesting posts on a theme.  Check out the fun facts posted about Easter on my blogs from traditions, origins of the holiday, a photography post of awesome sunrises by many good photographers, a funny Easter Bunny Rap music video, recipes and Spring renewal Easter poems.

May you enjoy your renewal this Spring!


Funny Easter Bunny Abby the Bunny

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Origins of the Funny Easter Bunny - 
Check out this kid friendly music video of the Easter Bunny Rap to give you a smile, The Symbol of the Easter Egg, White House Easter Egg Roll, When the Easter Bunny Came to America, Tradition of New Clothes to Wear on Easter Day, How to Dye Easter Eggs Using Vegetables, The Top 7 Real Reasons  Why the Easter Bunny Brings Eggs, Top 10 Signs the Easter Bunny is Nuts, Origins of The Easter Bunny Tradition, Top 10 Funny Reasons to Celebrate Easter, The Rules Of Easter Chocolates

The Long Road, An Easter Poem - An Easter poem about how sacrifice can deliver unexpected pleasant surprises.  With global protests against oppressive governments, like the Arab Spring in theMiddle East, and against greedy Big Business like the Occupy Protests in the West, it is evident there is great need in the world.

Easter Roses from My Garden/Photo by Denny Lyon

The Mystics Arrive - Who are the true mystics in this generation? How does a person develop into a mystic?

8 Easter Quotes and 3 Easter Poems Why the title? The number "8" is the number of new beginnings and the number "3" represents the Holy Trinity in Christianity. Spring is the time of the death and rebirth cycle where Nature renews itself. Nature is a visual reminder to us to renew our inner selves at this special time of year. We are reminded to hope again, to promise to live more fully and to love again. May you be refreshed and renewed this Easter!

Dennys Photo Gallery: Spectacular Sunrises

Mixing traditions makes Easter cake twice as tasty Did you know that long before there was a reason to celebrate Easter the ancient Romans used to put cheese in their cakes and make cheesecakes for their fertility rites of Spring?

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