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Choices... choices... choices!

Choices... choices... choices!

Monday, August 8, 2016

A Truth Journal: Hillary Clinton: Favorite Chew Toy of Press, Political Enemies? Deleted Emails: Asked, Answered, FBI Investigated

                                                             Resuters/James Lawler Duggan

A Truth Journal: Hillary Clinton: Favorite Chew Toy of Press, Political Enemies? Deleted Emails: Asked, Answered, FBI Investigated: From Denny:  The FBI Director said that only three out of 30,000 deleted emails were classified, devoid of the appropriate markings labeling them as classified.  Later that was revised to 100 emails not properly labeled as classified.  After she was out of office those emails were later classified.  Well, if she did not know they were going to be classified in the future how was she responsible for them before their classification?

As Clinton stated: If you  have worked in the federal government and an email is classified it usually has a huge warning heading at the top of the email to let the recipient know the obvious. None of these emails mentioned by the FBI Director contained such a warning heading about classification.

The FBI Director, a staunch Republican, who you know received tremendous pressure from his party to put Hillary in jail, had to admit she did nothing criminally wrong.  Well, at least he had the good character to put the Truth where it belonged.  Did he think her unwise?  Sure. She took responsibility for using two servers in order to preserve her family's privacy both from the press and political enemies hell bent on crucifying her.  She gets it now.

Of course, the irony here is that her server was never hacked or compromised by a foreign state like Russia or China.  Guess who was? ...

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